World of Wonder Park

The Leisure Services Department is currently constructing the World of Wonder Park. Staff worked with the SPLOST User Group to review public input and developed a design for the future park. Learn more about the public input process.

Construction on the 2.5 acre replacement for the World of Wonder Playground at Southeast Clarke Park began in early June. During the construction, the area immediately behind the Whit Davis Restroom Building will be closed to the public until construction is complete.

The new play space is being constructed using funds from the 2011 SPLOST program’s Park Facilities Improvements project. The original WOW playground, built in 2004 by volunteers using recycled lumber products, is at the end of its useful life, and will be deconstructed only after the new park has been built. Additionally, the swings, the brick plaza, and the dragon play area will be retained after the new park is open.

Status: Under Construction
For updates, please visit the park closings page.

Target Completion Date: 2017
Location: 535 Whit Davis Rd.

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