Fire Up the Hydrants

Help us Fire Up the Hydrants!  To celebrate 80 years of drinking water delivery service from the JG Beacham Drinking Water Treatment Plant, 20 fire hydrants in downtown Athens are being turned into functional, life-saving, creative art pieces. 

The water that flows from these hydrants is our best defense against house fires.  Most of us don't think about how vital water is to our economy, health, environment, and fire safety.  By putting a spotlight on the hydrants, we hope to draw attention to the value of water for years to come.

Test your H2knOledge about hydrants with our quick "Water You Know About Fire Hydrants?" Quiz.

Artists to Fire Up the Hydrants!

We received over 75 hydrant designs from area artists and organizations.  Thank you for your interest and support of the arts and water!

With so many beautiful submissions, the judges were faced with a difficult task of selecting only 16 hydrants.  In fact, we added an additional four hydrants to allow us to bring a few more pieces of art to our downtown area.

The artists will begin painting hydrants September 1.  They will be officially "unveiled" on October 8 at a Fire Up the Hydrants event on College Ave.

Painted Hydrants
Let creativity flow!  Need inspiration for your hydrant design?  Visit our "Fire Up the Hydrants" Pinterest board,
pinner Lily Anne Phibian

Artists to Paint Hydrants

Tonya Allen
Will Eskridge
Maggie Baxter
Lillian Hammond Sams
Marc Beechuk
David Lunde
Sofy Bertioli (with Hope Hilton)
Megan Reeves
Jamie Calkin
Dan Smith
Christopher Charette
Sheridan Soileau
Michele Chidester
Lily Swindle
Sarah Cook
Ellen Walker
Ashley Crain
Katie Yost
Emily Bilcik
Jennifer Zwirn

Prizes for Artists!

Vote for your favorite hydrant and earn the artist prizes!  From the unveiling of the hydrants in October through February 2017, visitors to the downtown area may vote on their favorite hydrant.  Ballots for voting will be available at the Water Conservation Office, Athens Downtown Development Authority, select Certified Blue locations, and online.  Grab a ballot, visit the hydrants, then drop the completed ballot back off at one of these same locations or submit it online.  

Favorite hydrants and artists will be revealed in March 2017.  The top three artists earn fabulous prizes!  

H2.0 Water Walk

The selected hydrants form a 2-mile route when walked in a specific order.  Follow this course and you have taken what we call the H2.0 Water Walk.  As you travel, take a moment to think about how essential water is to everything we do.  We use it to grow our food, keep businesses open, clean our homes, and put out fires. 

Feeling energetic?  Walk the route twice!  In doing so, you have covered 4-miles.  This is the average distance people in developing countries walk every day to gather their water for daily use. 

A map to guide you through the H2.0 Water Walk is available online and will be available in brochure format this fall. Pick up a brochure at the Athens Downtown Development Authority office, the Water Business Customer Center, Athens Welcome Center, select Certified Blue locations, and other places around Athens.

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