Holland Youth Sports Complex Closings and Maintenance Notices

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Holland Youth Sports Soccer Field Lighting Installation

Facility 173 & 174 | Posted: 6:00 PM, October 19, 2017

Supported in part by a donation from the Athens United Soccer Association, lighting is being installed on Fields 8 and 9 at Holland Youth Sports.  The project will install a total of eight 70 foot tall poles each supporting seven LED lights for a total of 28 lights to illuminate each field.  The new lighting is designed to meet the standards for recreational play as established by the American Soccer Association.  The first LED field lights installed by Athens-Clarke County, these new lights use approximately 30% less energy per fixture and require both less poles and fixtures to light each field.

Holland Youth Sports Sidewalk Construction at May's Field
Facility 172 | Updated: 6:00 PM, October 19, 2017 | Posted: 4:00 PM, April 11, 2016
Work on the sidewalk at Holland Youth Sports is almost complete with minor work to finish the handrails and clean up the site remaining.  Work should be completed in the coming weeks.

Update 5
Contractors are scheduled to begin work July 27th to grade and install an ADA-accessible sidewalk and adjoining stairs to reconnect Field 7 (May's Field) to the Field 1-4 Concessions and Restroom building. Work is expected to be completed in approximately two weeks.

The original sidewalk was removed as part of the project to replace a failed wooden retaining wall between Field 3 and Field 7.  Weather and unexpected subsurface conditions delayed completion of the retaining wall project until the spring season was already underway.  For the safety of our patrons, construction of the replacement sidewalk was delayed until the summer break.  For full details on the original project see the updates and information below.

Update 4
Construction to replace the failed retaining wall between Field 3 and Field 7 (also known as May's Field) at Holland Youth Sports wrapped up earlier this week. With the spring baseball season already underway, safety concerns have led us to delay replacement of the sidewalk connection between the Quad and Field 7.

We hope to construct the replacement sidewalk during the summer break between athletic seasons and have the completed project online for the fall season.  As always, this page will be updated as soon as the additional work is scheduled.

Update 3
Weather and environmental delays have slowed progress on the retaining wall reconstruction project.  At present crews are hoping to complete the wall in the next 2-3 weeks.  Grading and construction of the replacement sidewalk connection between Field 7 and the Quad should begin shortly thereafter.  We hope to complete the sidewalk and stairs by mid-year.

Update 2
Engineers completed a replacement design for the retaining wall in September.  The new design will terrace the hillside to better utilize the space and provide additional opportunities for use of the area.  Materials were ordered in late September and began shipping November 1.  Work on site started November 1 with the first deliveries and will take several weeks to complete.  Once finished, the sidewalk connecting Field 7 to the Quad Concession Stand will need to be reconstructed and the disturbed areas landscaped.  We are targeting to complete work before the start of the spring ball season.  This page will be updated as work progresses.

Update 1
Engineers have determined that repair of the wall is not feasible and thus a full replacement will be required.  Crews have conducted a utility locate and created a topographic survey of the area to be used by engineers to design the wall replacement.  We are now working to purchase materials and obtain the final engineering with a goal of replacing the wall this winter.

Original Notice
The retaining wall between Field 3 and Field 7 (also known as May's Field) at Holland Youth Sports has partially failed.  Crews have fenced off the hazard area while engineers assess the situation.  With additional portions of the wall showing signs of stress, it is expected that complete replacement will be required.  As such, repairs are expected to take several months to complete.  This page will be updated as additional information becomes available.

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