Trail Creek Park Trails

Trail Creek Park offers a network of over 4 miles of mountain bike designed, multi-use trails. The trails range in difficulty from beginner to advanced - there's something for everyone at Trail Creek Park!
The trail system was built with thousands of volunteer hours through Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA). SORBA hosts a number of events at the park throughout the year. Check out their Facebook page for more information!

Trail Map & Descriptions

Helmets are highly recommended when riding the trails. All dogs must be leashed.

The Green Loop (0.9 miles) is a beginner friendly introduction to mountain biking. It's short and easy but with enough dips and flow to make it a fun ride in either direction (clockwise preferred).
The Orange Crush Loop (0.9 miles) is a beginner/ intermediate trail with bigger dips and and a four berm ravine. It is best ridden clockwise.

Drive-By Truckers (2.4 miles) is a beginner/ intermediate trail with dips, berms, rollers, and rock features as well as a short optional downhill section.

Panic (0.4 miles) is a beginner/ intermediate downhill-only trail with lots of tight berms, a couple optional jumps, and an optional rock drop.

(0.3 miles) is an intermediate/ advanced downhill-only trail with huge berms and jumps. Widespread is for those ready to fly! Pedestrian traffic is not allowed on Widespread.

(Photo: Courtesy of Stephen Coopat)

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