Sandy Creek Park Closings and Maintenance Notices

There are currently two closings at this location.
Field status and closing information can be found on the Field Status page.
Sandy Creek Park Central Entry/Outdoor Showers -- Construction Complete
Facility 064 | Updated: 12:30 PM, September 22, 2016 | Posted: 4:30 PM, September 6, 2016
The central entry and outdoor shower area for the Beach at Sandy Creek Park has reopened September 21 following a nearly two week project to replace the handrails for this popular destination.

Two additional safety and improvement projects are scheduled for other amenities in the Beach area as we continue to try to improve our facilities..

Before and after photo of Sandy Creek Park beach handrail replacement.
Boardwalk Closing on Cook's Trail
Facility 440 | Updated: 4:30 PM, May 6, 2016 | Posted:  AM, January 21, 2016
On Tuesday, May 3, 2016 the Mayor and Commission approved the advancement of repairs to Facility 449 which will be funded through SPLOST 2011 Project 16.  Project Managers are hoping to complete repairs in the next 6-9 months; however, an exact schedule has not been determined.  Repairs to the structure are expected to extend the life for this boardwalk by 5-10 years allowing time for a replacement or alternative route to be funded.  More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Original Notice

Structural issues caused by age and environmental conditions have led to the closure of one of the boardwalks on Cook's Trail.  The closed portion (indicated in red on the map below) is not passable with this structure out of service.  Cook's Trail remains open for approximately one mile between Sandy Creek Nature Center and the closure and for approximately 2.5 miles between Sandy Creek Park and the closure.

A fence has been installed at the closed boardwalk.  Patrons should not attempt to pass this point on the trail as the boardwalk is unstable due to multiple issues including several sinkholes which have compromised at least 4 pilings.  Portions of this boardwalk could collapse without notice.

Due to the nature of the issues, repair of this structure will likely require complete replacement.  The repair and/or replacement process will take an extended period of time as we move through the necessary steps to plan, fund,  permit, and construct a new half-mile long structure in this sensitive wetland environment.

Map of Cook's Trail Closures March 21-24, 2016