November 2014

November 2014 Newsletter - Clarke County Sheriff's Office

ICE (In Case of Emergency) Black Box App

ICE BlackBox, the National Sheriff's Office and the Humane Society has partnered in the development of an application to turn your smartphone into a tool to help prevent crime and deter animal abuse.

The ICE BlackBox app is extremely simple to use, and is appropriate for all members of the family who possess a smart phone or similar device. The app may be used whenever someone is in a situation or location where there may be some form of personal threat to safety. A single press of the app’s record button starts streaming the audio and video from the device’s camera and the real-time GPS location to the ICE BlackBox server. There are no complex controls on the device to fumble with when under stress. There is also a single, large red bar in the app clearly labeled “911”; when pressed, it instantly dials the appropriate local 911 emergency call center while the app simultaneously sends the video capture and GPS location via e-mail or SMS text message to preselected emergency contacts. In a non-emergency situation, where it may be inappropriate to involve the official 911 system, the recorded data can be provided to others with links sent by e-mail or text messaging. In cases of bullying, suspicious persons or behaviors, domestic violence, child abuse, traffic accidents, workplace or social harassment, or other items of concern, this information may be provided to school officials, law enforcement, work supervisors, neighborhood watch leaders, or other persons of the users’ choice. Many users of ICE BlackBox routinely run the app when walking anywhere at night, jogging, or during other activities in which the user may be subject to a rapidly appearing threat. Since the data is being streamed every few seconds to a secure server, there is no chance that an assailant or abuser can delete or otherwise tamper with the data. For additional information see

The app most recently launched a feature to help fight animal abuse. ICE BlackBox permanently records audio, video and a GPS location that allows anyone to record animal abusers in the act and report them to law enforcement instantly. You may be able to help protect an innocent creature. For more information go to

Buddy Christian Foundation Presents Buddy Kits to the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office

Photo L-R: Capt. Pozen, Chief Cole, Sheriff Edwards, Melissa Christian, Cpl. Chandler and Cpl. Chaloux

On November 11, 2014 the Clarke County Sheriff's Office received a Grant Donation of 20 Buddy Kits from the Buddy Christian Foundation. Ms. Melissa Christian, Founder of the Buddy Christian Foundation, presented the 20 Buddy Kits to Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr. and staff at the Clarke County Courthouse in memory of Cpl. Eddie Clark and Lt. William Morgan. The Sheriff's Office applied for and received a grant through the Buddy Christian Foundation that provided for matching funds in order to provide these 20 vital lifesaving pieces of equipment to our Field and Courthouse Deputies. These kits and accompanying training will help tend to critical wounds suffered in the field, and help prevent line of duty deaths.

Clarke County Jail Helps With Job Readiness

Ms. Harriet Collins and Students
On November 5, 2014 four inmates of the Clarke County Jail's Job Readiness course received a certificate of completion for meeting all of the requirements of the class. The class is instructed by Ms. Harriet Collins and is held twice a week for four sessions. The class includes:

  • Job Search Techniques
  • Applications (the proper way to fill out) and Resumes (how to build)
  • The Interview Process (preparing for interviews)
  • Federal Bonding program (incentives for employers to hire ex-offenders)
Participants learn about various tools needed to find employment. The class is usually interactive and informative. Students are given written work to complete in class as well as role playing.

Capt. Goings and Sgt. Hagan Awarded for 25 yrs. of Service

On behalf of Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr. and the entire Clarke County Sheriff’s Office, we are proud to announce that Sergeant Nancy Hagan and Captain Tony Goings have served the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government for 25 years with passion, dedication, and excellence. On October 29, 2014, Sheriff Ira Edwards, Jr. presented Sergeant Hagan and Captain Goings their 25 year service pins at the awards ceremony in the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office.

Pursuing a career in law enforcement takes more than doing a job efficiently and honorably. To properly serve your community, you must be prepared to give just what Sergeant Hagan and Captain Goings gave; commitment to doing their best. The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office is growing and currently seeking team members pursuing, career longevity and stability. We offer an incentive plan for those interested in a career as a Deputy Sheriff. Applications are accepted either in person or by mail at 375 Satula Avenue, Athens, GA 30601 and online at

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