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Birchmore Trail Bridge Permanently Closed
Facility 132 | Updated: 11:00 AM September 6, 2016 | Posted: 3:30 PM August 5, 2016
Flooding caused by heavy rains on the night of August 4th collapsed a trail bridge (Bridge 5) on the Birchmore Trail in Memorial Park. The bridge was deemed unsalvagable, and staff removed and dissembled the bridge the following week. Staff has elected to permanently close Bridge 5 while still retaining one of the trail segments associated with the bridge. The main trail loop will be rerouted around the closure using existing connector trails, affecting total length of the trail by less than 1/10 of a mile. The eastern segment leading to the removed bridge will remain open, and terminate in a rest area with a bench donated by Girl Scouts. This trail and rest area provide beautiful views of the creek and preserve access to the southern tip of the park. The western segment will be permanently closed. Please refer to map below of details. Signage and maps reflecting the changes will be installed within the month.
Photo of Collapsed Bridge on Birchmore Trail. (Facility 132)
Updated: 5:00 PM August 9, 2016
Staff assessed the collapsed bridge early this week and made the decision to remove the bridge from the trail. The bridge was deemed unsafe to pedestrian traffic since the decking and superstructure are were longer supported by any structure, having been knocked completely off the concrete pilings. Furthermore, the bridge posed an environmental hazard as it was sitting in the creek bed and fully obstructing the flow of water. With heavy rains in the forecast, the bridge needed to be removed in a timely manner to restore water flow off the site. 

Currently, a 1/10 mile section of the Birchmore Trail is closed, as noted in red on the map below. The trail loop is still accessible using a light brown connector trail, making it possible to bypass the entire closed section.

Staff are reviewing options and will update this page as information is available.

Original Post
Flooding caused by extremely heavy rains last night caused the collapse of a bridge on the southern tip of the Birchmore Trail (red star on map below). This bridge has been closed while crews assess damage and pull the bridge out of the creek.  The Birchmore Trail remains fully open on either side of the closed structure.

Updates will be posted to this page as information is available.

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