Southeast Clarke Park Closings and Maintenance Notices

There are currently two notices and one closure for this location.
Field status and closing information can be found on the Field Status page.
Storm Damage Temporarily Closes World of Wonder Playground
Facility 365 | Updated: 11:45 AM, March 23, 2017 | Posted: 9:00 AM, March 22, 2017
Flooding from the storms that hit Athens Tuesday, March 21 caused significant damage to the surfacing for the World of Wonder Playground as seen in the photos below.  Crews will have to clear out the mud-infused mulch then replace both the removed mulch and additional mulch which washed away during the rain event.

We are working as quickly as possible and are focusing on restore the playground to service by late Friday afternoon.  We expect some additional daytime closures next week as we work to clear mud from the sidewalks and restore landscaping.  Thanks for your patience!

Photo of storm damage to the new World of Wonder Playground area at Southeast Clarke Park from storm
Photo of storm damage to the new World of Wonder Playground area at Southeast Clarke Park from storm
Demolition Underway for Old World of Wonder Playground
Facility 318 | Updated: 7:20 AM, February 21, 2017 | Posted: 9:20 AM, February 9, 2017
With the new World of Wonder Park fully online, park maintenance crews have closed the old World of Wonder Playground for demolition.

Originally constructed in 2004, the original World of Wonder Playground has provided thousands of children endless hours of adventure.  Rapid deterioration of the original playground, however, led Athens-Clarke County to begin a replacement project in 2015.  This SPLOST-funded replacement project culminated in the opening of the new World of Wonder Park at Southeast Clarke Park this past December.

With the new play area open, the original World of Wonder Playground is scheduled to close the week of February 13 as crews fence off the area in preparation to remove the old structure.  Current plans call for the handprint wall, brick plaza, time capsule, and dedication monument for the original playground to remain in place as a reminder of the amazing community effort--both financially and in terms of volunteer labor--that created the original World of Wonder.

Several donors have inquired as to the disposition of the named fence pickets built into the perimeter fence for the playground.  While the fence itself will not be kept, named pickets will be retained and available for pickup March 15-December 31, 2017.  Donors interested in claiming their picket should email for details.

The demolition project and associated restoration of the area is expected to take several months to complete.  As always we ask that all patrons use caution when near any construction area and follow all posted signage, fencing, and barricades throughout our parks.

Dog Park Area 3 to Open/Area 1 to Temporarily Close for Rehabilitation

Facility 465/467 | Updated: 8:30 AM, December 20, 2016 | Posted: 9:00 AM November, 24, 2015

Heavy use of the new dog parks at Southeast Clarke Park compacts the soils at the entries and takes a heavy toll on grass and other natural ground cover.  To address this issue, the dog park was designed with 3 areas which are rotated periodically allowing crews to conduct remediation and giving the natural environment time to recover.

Crews will reopen Area 3 and close Area 1 of the Dog Park on Tuesday, December 20 as we continue this regular rotation to preserve and maintain this highly popular facility. Once new grass has fully established, crews will once again rotate area closings.  Area closings will continue to rotate periodically to allow ongoing maintenance of all three Dog Park areas.

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