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World of Wonder Park at Southeast Clarke Park

Facility 488 | Updated: 8:30 AM, December 20, 2016 | Posted: 7:00 PM, June 8, 2016

Progress Photo of the construction for the new World of Wonder Park.
Progress Photo of the construction for the new World of Wonder Park.
Construction on the 2.5 acre replacement for the World of Wonder Playground at Southeast Clarke Park began in early June and wrapped up with a grand opening and dedication Friday, December 16 at 3:30 PM.

The WOW Park is the largest play area in the Leisure Services park system with equipment designed for agility, balance, imagination, motion, tactile/sensory experience, social engagement, and upper body strength.  It offers a variety of play experiences, both passive and active and is located near a wooded passive play area, as well.

The impressive new playground includes ten slides featuring a three-story Slide Tower which is the park’s tallest element. 

Progress Photo of the construction for the new World of Wonder Park.
The new play area also includes a climbing rock wall, a two story spinning rope web climber, and multiple swing areas with standard swings, co-ride parent/child generational swings, swings for individuals with mobility impairment, and park bench swings for parents.

Additionally, visitors to the park will find some shaded playground equipment, a central plaza with abundant seating, two lawn play areas, and a 1/5 mile concrete walking loop.

An ADA ramp provides access to all elevated features in the 2-5 year old area.  Additionally, there is also ADA access to the two level Dynamo Apollo Spinner and two transfer platforms in the 5-12 year old area.

This project is funded by Project 16 (Park and Facility Improvements) of the 2011 Special Local Option Sales Tax.

Photo of the new fencing through the wooded portion of the new World of Wonder at Southeast Clarke P
Photos Captions
Top: Open Lawn looking to 2-5 Area  (11-09)
Middle Top: Seating Plaza (11-22)
Middle Bottom: Tower Slide in 5-12 Area (11-22)
Bottom: Woodline Fence (9-16)

Dog Park Area 3 to Open/Area 1 to Temporarily Close for Rehabilitation

Facility 465/467 | Updated: 8:30 AM, December 20, 2016 | Posted: 9:00 AM November, 24, 2015

Heavy use of the new dog parks at Southeast Clarke Park compacts the soils at the entries and takes a heavy toll on grass and other natural ground cover.  To address this issue, the dog park was designed with 3 areas which are rotated periodically allowing crews to conduct remediation and giving the natural environment time to recover.

Crews will reopen Area 3 and close Area 1 of the Dog Park on Tuesday, December 20 as we continue this regular rotation to preserve and maintain this highly popular facility. Once new grass has fully established, crews will once again rotate area closings.  Area closings will continue to rotate periodically to allow ongoing maintenance of all three Dog Park areas.

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