Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair SignAthens Transit is proud to be able to provide wheelchair accessible service on all of our routes, and on every Athens Transit bus.

Mobility Impairment

For people with a mobility impairment which prevents them from using bus service we offer The Lift - Athens Transit's demand response transportation. You may request an application for The Lift by calling 706-613-3435 or by coming to the Athens Transit Office or print a copy from our website. Both Parts A & B the application must be submitted to ATS to determine your eligibility.

Bus n' Bike Program

Bicycle SignATS "Bus n' Bike" program makes daily commuting much easier, safer, and more convenient for cyclists. Special carriers attach to the front bumper of the bus and allow riders to easily and safely store bicycles on The Bus.

For Immediate Route Access Information Call: (706) 613-3430

Route No. Route Name Yes No
1 North Avenue Wheelchair icon  
2 East Athens Wheelchair icon  
3 East Athens/North Side Wheelchair icon  
5 Beechwood / Baxter Wheelchair icon  
6 West Broad / Atlanta Hwy. Wheelchair icon  
7 Prince Avenue Wheelchair icon  
8 Barber / Chase Wheelchair icon  
9 Macon Hwy. / Five Points Wheelchair icon  
12 Riverbend Wheelchair icon  
14 East Campus / S. Milledge Wheelchair icon  
20 Georgia Square Mall Wheelchair icon  
21 West Athens/Ultimate Dr. Wheelchair icon  
22 East Athens/Highland Park Wheelchair icon  
23 Oconee Street Park 'n Ride/Downtown Express Wheelchair icon  
24 Athens Tech Wheelchair icon  
25 Lexington Rd. / Gaines School Wheelchair icon  
26 College Station / Barnett Shoals Wheelchair icon  
27 Barnett Shoals / Cedar Shoals Wheelchair icon  
28 College Station/Campus Express Wheelchair icon  

This Information is subject to change at any time due to breakdowns or mechanical failures. We will make any changes to this site as quick as we possibly can.