College Station Road Bicycle Improvements

The College Station Road Bicycle Improvement Project includes plans for five-foot wide bicycle lanes, measured from the travel lane to the edge of the curb and gutter section.  Construction will also include the widening of the road for bicycle lanes on both sides of the road, and the addition of five-foot wide sidewalk sections where none exist.  The widening will be limited to one side of College Station Road as much as possible to minimize impacts to existing utilities, roadway features and property acquisition needs.

The proposed bicycle lanes on College Station Road, from Research Drive to Barnett Shoals Road, are included in the current Athens-Clarke County bicycle Master Plan.

In December 2015, a construction contract was awarded to Vertical Earth,Inc. of Cumming, GA.

Construction on this project will begin in late February 2016 and is expected to take 1 year to complete.

For more information, please contact Engineering Division at (706) 613-3440, 

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