Birchmore Trail

Alert IconALERT! Trail Hazards Hazardous trail conditions remain following Hurricane Irma with numerous downed and hazard trees along trails. A system-wide assessment is underway and trails will be flagged as cleared on the Trail Status page as crews complete work.

As always, users in natural spaces are encouraged to use caution, be aware of their surroundings, and avoid hazards. Please report damaged bridges, downed or hazard trees, and maintenance issues with geo-tagged photos or by dropping us a pin to or by calling us at 706-613-3801 extension 25.

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Birchmore Trail Bridge
The Birchmore Trail is a 1.25 mile natural surface trail located at Memorial Park in the heart of the Five Points neighborhood. The trail winds through a mature hardwood ravine, over bridges, near creeks, and along a massive stone wall built by Fred Birchmore while he was in his 70's. The trail is intermediate difficulty and does include some uphill climbs and small creek crossings. Trailheads are located behind the Administrative building and along Gran Ellen Drive.

Interested in learning more? Listen to a podcast about the Birchmore Trail.

Fred Birchmore, for whom the trail is named, was a rarity - a "curiosity," a community treasure, a legend. A listing of his exploits and adventurers would require a book - in fact, he wrote two. Fred passed away in 2012, but his legacy lives on. He was a college teacher, a community leader, dedicated church layman, singer, scout leader, collector of Indian relics and lecturer on Indian folklore, an ornithologist, imitator of bird calls, avid hiker, free lance writer, aviator, boxer, youth camp director, Naval Gunnery officer in World War II, a champion tennis player and coach. Of all his unbelievable adventures, Fred says the most satisfying of all experiences was building the Great Wall of Happy Hollow. It was a five and a half-year project he undertook at age 75 that involved his moving 12 train boxcar loads of large rocks to his residence in Athens. He built a wall surrounding his 2 acre compound that reaches 18 feet high in places. (Adapted from the UGA Alumni Association)

Trail Map & More Information

Bicycle use is not allowed on the Birchmore Trail. All dogs must be leashed.

Interested in volunteering at the Birchmore Trail? The Weed Warriors are a habitat restoration project that removes non-native invasive plants which are causing habitat destruction and are negatively impacting wildlife populations. This is a great project for people who love the park and want to see it restored to its natural state. The Weed Warriors meet every first and third Saturday October through March. More information can be found at the Weed Warrior's Facebook Page and through ACC's Volunteer Page.

For more information about Memorial Park and the Birchmore Trail, please visit Memorial Park's main page or call 706-613-3580.

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