Green School Lessons

Lessons due photo 2017

Submitting a Lesson

Lessons can be submitted in a number of different ELECTRONIC formats.
  • Submitting a NEW lesson - Lesson Submission Form
  • Lesson plans from the Lesson Share - Google Lesson Share and Blank Lesson Form as an attachment (in green school format) to or shared with
  • Tours and classroom presentations - Will be recorded and submitted by the partner that conducted the lesson. Or you may submit for credit using the Teacher Credit Form.
  • Service Learning and Activities - Things such as Litter Pick Ups, storm drain stenciling, recycling, composting, stream testing, garden workdays, Days of Service, etc. count as one lesson credit for each participating class, even when the activity is repeated. Report those activities using a Teacher Credit Form.
To find out which programs and activities are eligible for credit without a lesson write up, please visit our Green School Program Guide.

Lesson Submission Guidelines

What makes something a "Green School Lesson"? Environmental Education is a wide-ranging discipline that includes subjects from science to social studies to art!  The goal of the Green Schools Program is to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to make responsible, informed choices about their natural environment as citizens.  Therefore, Green School Lessons must make a clear connection between the lesson or activity and the environment to be eligible for credit.  The Green Schools Committee has put together some Lesson Criteria and a basic"What IS and ISN'T a Green School Lesson" to help teachers decide if a lesson qualifies.


Here are some great sources of Environmental Education information, lessons, and classroom resources.

4-H Curriculum

Center for Ecoliteracy
Children and Nature Network
Environmental Education in Georgia
Environmental Educators Alliance
EPA Environmental Education Resources
Flying WILD
Georgia Adopt a Stream
North American Association for Environmental Education
Project WET

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