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Do you wonder where your water goes after it runs down the shower drain, is flushed down a toilet, or leaves your washing machine? The wastewater enters into a maze of sewer collection pipes, eventually ending up at one of three water reclamation facilities. Upon reaching the facilities, the water is reclaimed, refreshed, and returned to our waterways thanks to the work of thirty-five dedicated and certified water reclamation operators.

In the world, 2.6 billion people lack adequate sanitation, a leading cause of disease and infection. ACC is fortunate to have three water reclamation facilities (WRF) with operators on site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide constant monitoring of our facilities. The operators are our last line of defense in protecting the health of our community, the rivers, and aquatic life from any natural hazards associated with wastewater. Operators tend to pumps, blowers, feed pumps, chemical feeders, aerators, and other equipment to decontaminate our wastewater. Water samples are collected and standard tests, such as dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, and pH, are performed several times every day to ensure our effluent meets strict federal, state, and local guidelines.

The North Oconee and Cedar Creek WRFs recently underwent a complete overhaul; the Middle Oconee WRF received an extensive upgrade. The operators eagerly began comprehensive training during construction to learn the latest technologies associated with the new equipment and wastewater treatment processes. Training still continues as the operators gain practical experience through day to day interactions with the new equipment. Our operators aren’t afraid to work hard, get dirty, and do whatever it takes to protect our waters. To these unsung heroes, we say THANK YOU!
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The Middle Oconee Water Reclamation Facility was awarded the Georgia Association of Water Professionals Gold Award. This achievement recognizes facilities with a full year of perfect compliance with Georgia permitting regulations. ACC is extremely proud of the operators and workers at Middle Oconee WRF who made this happen. During the 12 months evaluated for the award, the Middle Oconee WRF was under major reconstruction that disrupted normal operations. Operators adapted to each day’s new situation caused by construction to reclaim, refresh, and return our waters.
Thank you!

Meet a Few of Our Wonderful Water Warriors

Katerrel Barnes, Operator CC_thumb.JPG
Katerrel Barnes

Jameson Goolsby, Operator MO_thumb.JPG
Jameson Goolsby

Mike Hassler, Operator_thumb.JPG
Mike Hassler
Mike Hughes, CC Operator_thumb.JPG
Mike Hughes
Sylvester Jones, Operator NO_thumb.JPG
Sylvester Jones
Jeffery Lamar, Operator_thumb.JPG
Jeffery Lamar

Chris Navarro, Operator NO_thumb.JPG
Chris Navarro

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