Shredded Paper

Item(s) now accepted at your local CHaRM Site 1005 College Avenue 

shredded paper

Shredded paper can no longer be collected at the curb or at drop-off sites for recycling because is too small for the single stream processing facility equipment to sort. The pieces get wet and stick to the glass bottles and/or jars or gum up the sorting equipment and can cause it to malfunction.  But, have no fear, shredded paper can be directly dropped off at the ACC CHaRM 1005 College Avenue and the ACC Recycling Facility at 699 Hancock Industrial Way. Place the shredded paper in paper bags, boxes or a clear plastic bags and put them in the blue dumpster in the parking lot of the recycling facility. The dumpster is clearly marked with with a sign that says SHREDDED PAPER ONLY.

Additionally, there will be four shred events per year for our residents (spring, summer, winter and fall). These events will be sponsored by the ACC Recycling Division and the location will rotate around the community.

Lastly, there are several private companies that shred documents and recycle the shreds. Visit the yellow pages for a complete list of local shredding businesses.

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