Environmental Coordinator

The Environmental Coordinator is responsible for a variety of activities associated with the planning and coordination of environmental programs and activities with the objective of ensuring Athens-Clarke County's efforts at achieving compliance with local, state, and federal environmental regulations. It also serves as a central point of contact for ombudsman efforts with citizens, businesses, and industries within Athens-Clarke County. Other duties include coordinating Athens-Clarke County's energy conservation and efficiency initiatives.
New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Installed by Athens-Clarke County. Free for the first six months (until fall 2015)
  • Classic Center (DC Fast Charger - empty to full in 30-45 min)
  • Bishop Park (Level II Charger - empty to full in 4 hours)
  • Oconee Street Park & Ride Lot (Level II Charger - empty to full in 4 hours)
  • Washington Street Parking Deck (Level II Charger - empty to full in 4 hours)
  • Athens Regional Library (Level II Charger - empty to full in 4 hours)

Black-Dotted Brown Moth Infestation

The ACC Environmental Coordinator is urging citizens to look for signs of the black-dotted brown moth, which has infested the area in recent years and tends to feed on certain oak tree species.Find out more from Tree Conservation Notes [PDF].

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