Project 11: General Intersection Improvements

Project Description
The project is intended to address improvements to intersections identified in the Regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and the Long-Range Transportation Plan for Athens-Clarke County. The work includes conceptual design and planning, engineering, right-of-way acquisition and construction.  Location priorities have been intersections with existing and/or projected operational, safety and/or congestion concerns. This continues a similar SPLOST 2000 program.

Project Details
  • Project Sponsor: Transportation and Public Works
  • Type: Intersections
  • Project Manager: Derek Doster

Status: August 31, 2012     

    The General Intersection Improvements Program includes project work and improvements in various locations as follows:

  • Construction has been completed on the Lexington Highway at Cherokee Road and Gaines School Road intersection, and for the Mitchell Bridge Road left turn lane at Athens West Parkway intersection.
  • Intersection improvements on Mitchell Bridge Road at the intersections of Auburn Parkway, Woodhaven Parkway, High Ridge Drive, and the driveway to High Ridge Apartments have also been completed.
  • In February 2012 the construction of the Barnett Shoals Road/Old Lexington Road intersection improvements was completed.
  • Design is in progress for improvements at the Tallassee Road at Whitehead Road intersection. On August 7, 2012 the Mayor and Commission approved the Project Concept for the Tallassee Road at Whitehead Road intersection as a modern roundabout design. Development of Preliminary Plans is in progress.
  • On May 1, 2012 the Mayor and Commission approved a Budget Amendment adding $343,947 to Project #011 for the purpose of funding specific intersection improvements associated with the Caterpillar Project. These improvements are in the construction phase. 


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