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Passenger Policies

Passengers are responsible for being ready and at the front door of the residence / facility where they are to be boarded at least 15 minutes before their scheduled time. If they know they will be late, it is their responsibility to call before the van arrives.

Drivers are not allowed to go into residences or other facilities to look for passengers. To avoid delaying other passengers, drivers can only wait five minutes before proceeding on their route. When you board the vehicle, please present your fare to the driver. You will not be allowed to ride without a cash fare when the van arrives, you will be charged for a no show. Next, fasten your seat belts. For your safety, drivers are not allowed to put the vehicle in motion until your seat belts are fastened.


Passengers will not consume any beverages, use illegal drugs, smoke, eat, use obscene language or behave in a violent or disruptive behavior, or play radios while on board the van. Passengers will only bring on the van a number of packages / bags of groceries which can be carried on board at one time. Drivers are not allowed to make several trips carrying packages or lifting heavy items which could cause back injury.

Guests and Escorts

If you require an escort, he or she may ride with you for free. One guest may ride if space is available for $3.20 each way.

Changes and Cancellations

Changes in pick-up times and/or destinations must be made with the scheduler one hour prior to the time for your scheduled trip.

If you need to cancel your scheduled trip, be sure to call 706-613-3435 at least one hour prior to your trip. Cancellations called in less than one hour of the scheduled pickup time will result in a "late calls" within a one-month period, eligibility shall be suspended for one week. Failure to notify us of your cancellation will result in your being charged a "no show." After a no show, you will be suspended from using the service until you pay a $3.20 fare for the no show trip.

No Shows

Two no shows within a six month period will result in a passenger being suspended from the service for one week. Three no shows will result in a two week suspension. Four no shows will result in a 30-day suspension. Five no shows within a six month period will result in a passenger being suspended from the service for 60 days.

The passenger will be notified by mail of the first no show and also when service will be suspended. The passenger will also have an opportunity to be heard and offer argument why they should not be suspended.

Subscription Service

If you will be making the same trip three or more times per week, please notify the scheduler so that subscription service can be arranged, if time slots are available. Subscription service allows you to schedule all of your trips with one phone call. According to ADA, subscription service may not absorb more than fifty percent of the number of trips available at a given time of day.


The one-way fare for passengers is $3.20. Required escorts may ride free. Guests must pay $3.20 per trip. A 10-trip pass is available for $32.00 and sold at 325 Pound Street.

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