Departments & Offices A - K

  1. Animal Control

    Find information about the Animal Shelters, animal ordinances, and the Animal Control Division of the Central Services Department.

  2. Athens-Ben Epps Airport

    Athens-Ben Epps Airport provides air travel services to Athens-Clarke County and Northeast Georgia. Services are provided for commercial air travel, general aviation, and military users.

  3. Attorney's Office

    The ACC Attorney's Office provides legal services to the Mayor and Commission, the Manager, and all other departments and divisions of the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government. The Attorney's Office researches and drafts local legislation concerning Athens-Clarke County and all ordinances to be adopted by the Mayor and Commission.

  4. Board of Elections

    The ACC Board of Elections and Voter Registration Office manages all voter registrations and conducts all elections held in Athens-Clarke County. The office educates the public on all election dates and laws and is responsible for the certification of election results. The Board of Elections handles the qualification process for candidates and maintains an accurate list of voters for elections, for candidates, and for jury lists

  5. Building Permits & Inspections

    The ACC Building Permits and Inspection Department protects public safety, health, and general welfare with respect to the built environment. The department issues permits for building, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, gas, graphics, demolition, temporary structures, manufactured homes, swimming pools, and building relocations.

  6. Central Services

    The ACC Central Services Department is responsible for managing ACC buildings, facilities, grounds, landscaping, parking, records, and department support services. The Department also manages the Animal Control Division and provides services to the public through the processing/permitting of special events, sidewalk cafes, sidewalk vending, and publication racks

  7. Clerk of Commission

    The ACC Clerk of Commission directs the activities necessary to prepare for Commission meetings and dispenses information regarding the decisions and actions of the Commission.

  8. Code Enforcement Division

    Find information about this code enforcement division of the Building Inspections & Permits Department.

  9. Commission

    The Commission is the governing authority of Athens-Clarke County and consists of 10 members, each representing a geographical district.

  10. Cooperative Extension

    Cooperative Extension's mission is to respond to people's needs and interests in agriculture, horticulture, agribusiness, landscaping, the environment, families, and 4-H/youth with unbiased, research-based education and information. It is the official educational arm of the University of Georgia and the US Department of Agriculture, but also a part of the Athens-Clarke County Unified Government.

  1. Coroner

    The primary mission of the Corner's office is to hold investigations and inquests regarding persons having died by unlawful, violent, suicidal, or mysterious means.

  2. Corrections

    The mission of the ACC Corrections Department is to provide a humane and safe environment for inmates, staff, and the community at large through the use of modern correctional management techniques and supervision. The department manages the Correctional Facility and the Diversion Center.

  3. Economic Development

    The purpose is of the Economic Development Department is to be the primary point of contact for industries, large commercial developments, site location consultants, and state economic development organizations interested in developing, expanding, or locating new or expanded businesses in Athens-Clarke County.

  4. Emergency Management Office

    The local Emergency Management Administrator develops and updates standard operating procedures for responding to and recovering from natural and man-made disasters, assists the general public in responding to and recovering from emergency situations, and coordinates evacuation plans, among other duties.

  5. Finance

    The ACC Finance Department directs financial operations and budget management activities of Athens-Clarke County Government. The divisions are Accounting, Financial Services, Management and Budget, and Purchasing.

  6. Fire & Emergency Services

    The ACC Fire and Emergency Services Department is a progressive and responsive department dedicated to the preservation of life and property through prevention, education, mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery programs.

  7. Housing & Community Development

    The ACC Housing & Community Development Department strives to improve and develop viable neighborhoods by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment, and expanding economic opportunity for low-to-moderate-income individuals. Formerly Human and Economic Development Department (HED).

  8. Human Resources

    The ACC Human Resources Department provides personnel support services to the various departments and agencies of the Unified Government. Job listings can be viewed on ACTV and browsed online.

  9. Information Technology

    The ACC Information Technology Department provides ACC departments with computer networks, information system applications, database management services, and data telecommunication services.

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