Utility Credits and Adjustments

This page outlines the credits, exemptions, and adjustments available for the Stormwater Utility Fee. Please review the following list. If any of these situations apply to you, please complete and Adjustment Review Request form and submit it to stormwater@athensclarkecounty.com or mail to:

Athens-Clarke County Stormwater
120 W Dougherty St
Athens GA 30601

Impervious Surface Review

The total impervious surface for a property is calculated using fly-over images of the county. This analysis is highly accurate; however, miscalculations can occur, and we are always happy to review an account. In particular, if your property falls into one of these categories, please submit an Adjustment Review Request:
  • Your property shares a driveway with another property.
  • You own a townhouse or condominium.
  • You are concerned about major encroachment from a neighboring structure.
  • You have used pervious pavers or pervious pavement. 
Since the stormwater utility fee is based on the amount of impervious area on a property, a demolition can significantly affect the amount a property owner is charged. Athens-Clarke County Stormwater staff receive periodic updates of demolition permits issued in the county; however, we encourage property owners that demolish any building, portion of a building, or outbuilding, or remove any paved surface submit an Adjustment Review Request form.

Farm Plan

Agricultural properties with an approved farm plan with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) will be eligible for exemption from the water quality charge. Please submit a copy of the farm plan with the Adjustment Review Request form. 

Retention/Detention Credit

Because the stormwater utility fee is a service-based fee, properties with stormwater management facilities such as detention or retention ponds to manage their stormwater runoff may be eligible for a reduction of their fee. The utility credits (fee reductions) may reduce the quantity or quality or both charges on your stormwater bill. The base charge on your bill is not eligible for reduction. To qualify for a utility credit, a licensed professional engineer must evaluate the stormwater facility for compliance with the current Athens-Clarke County design standards. These standards can be found in the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual

Subdivision Credit

Some planned subdivisions with stormwater management facilities may be eligible for credits based on attaining and continuing compliance with the technical requirements and performance standards outline in the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual. The credits would be proportionally allocated among the properties that use the stormwater management facilities. The owners of these properties must contribute to the costs of ownership, operation, and maintenance. If you are the representative of a Homeowners Association or other neighborhood group, please submit an Adjustment Review Request form. 

Riparian Service Area

Properties that drain directly into designated waters without entering the Athens-Clarke County stormwater system are included in the Riparian Service Area and are exempt from the water quantity charge. Only the North Oconee River, Middle Oconee River, McNutt Creek, and the lower portions of Cedar Creek, Shoal Creek, and Big Creek, as indicated in the map below, are included in the Riparian Service Area. If your property qualifies for inclusion in the Riparian Service Area, the exemption will be automatically applied. If you have any questions about the Riparian Service Area and your property, please contact us. 
Riparian Service Area