Code of Ordinances

Online Version of the Code
The Code of Athens-Clarke County, Georgia includes the Charter, special and related laws, and the General Ordinances of the Unified Government.

The searchable version of the code linked below does not include changes to the code as approved by the mayor and commission since the last update to the official printed version. These are available below. Do not rely on any of these documents for any purpose other than information.
Recent Updates

The following updates are new ordinances passed by the mayor and commission that are not included in the full code and are more current. All files are in Adobe PDF format.


Title 1: General Government
Title 2: Revenue and Taxation

Title 3: Public Safety 
Title 4: Public Health 

Title 5: Public Utilities
Title 6: Licenses and Business Regulation 
Title 7: Buildings and Construction 

Title 8: Planning
 Section 8-7-19 Community Tree Management [adopted 7/1/14; effective 7/2/14]

Title 9: Zoning and Development Standards