Information for Participants

Your appointments will be with the Coordinator or the Senior Case Management Specialist at Athens-Clarke County Courthouse at 325 East Washington Street in Athens.  At other times, you may be directed to keep an appointment at a local agency or care provider. 

You must have the Coordinator's or the Senior Case Management Specialist's approval before missing an appointment for any reason. If you have to miss an appointment because of a medical emergency involving you or someone in your household, you must call the Coordinator or the Senior Case Management Specialist at the earliest opportunity on that same day.

If you need to speak to the Coordinator, call Ms. Elisa Zarate at 706-354-3995.  If you need to speak to the Senior Case Management Specialist, call Ms. Kristen Daniel at 706-353-8212.  If it is a TAC emergency, call 706-612-8228, or call 911 if someone is in immediate danger..