For Media

General Information

All proceedings in Athens-Clarke County Superior Court are open to the public, with the exception of adoption proceedings, certain proceedings involving child witnesses, and similar matters. At all other times, we strongly encourage the public and the media to attend court proceedings to observe your court system at work. Please note that cell phones, beepers, and similar devices are not permitted in the courtroom when court is in session.

Rule 22

Members of the media should consult Uniform Superior Court Rule 22, Electronic and Photographic News Coverage of Judicial Proceedings, to determine how you may report on court proceedings. The Uniform Rules of the Superior Court may be found within the Court Rules list shown at the left here. If you wish to take photos or make an audio or video recording of any court proceeding, please submit a completed Rule 22 "Request to Install Recording and/or Photographing Equipment" directly to Judge Sweat’s office in advance of the proceeding you wish to cover. Please note that in certain cases media may be directed to submit the request in compliance with a time deadline, and to file the request in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Courts. Please also note that you may not bring certain equipment into Athens-Clarke County Courthouse without pre-authorization, as explained in the FAQs section here.

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