Beautiful Business of the Year

Marker 7 February 2015Beautiful Business of the Year 2015
This year, the KACCB board of directors has chosen Marker 7 Coastal Grill as the Beautiful Business of the Year. Established in 1993, the Beautiful Business of the Month program recognizes local businesses that improve the appearance of the community through landscaping and beautification efforts. Each month, the KACCB Board of Directors selects a local business as the Beautiful Business of the Month and, at the end of the calendar year, the Board votes for the Beautiful Business of the Year Award. Marker 7 Coastal Grill moved into the central intersection in the of Five Points in 2013, into a location that had previously been student housing. This corner used to be an eyesore and was always noticeable because of the couches and cars on the lawn. Marker 7 transformed the historic home and the landscape on this corner for the better. They restored the house, added a large outdoor porch, and filled up the front lawn with beautiful plantings. This corner is now a lovely place to stop by and have a meal in the shade.

Past Beautiful Businesses of the Year

2014 Earth Fare
2013 New Earth
2012 Teds Most Best and Heirloom
2011 Lindsey's Culinary Market
2010 Pawtropolis


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