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Athens-Clarke County is one of 53 Counties under a Level 1 Drought Response. 

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Don't let the Grease Menace cause sewer
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Fats, Oils, and Grease Program
Come to the Fire Up the Hydrants Unveiling! 

To celebrate 80 years of drinking water delivery service from the JG Beecham Drinking Water Treatment Plant, 20 downtown fire hydrants have been turned into functional, life-saving, creative pieces of art.  

Be the first to get a glimpse of the hydrants at our unveiling on Saturday, October 8.  Visit our Fire Up the Hydrants' page to learn more.

Are you a Dumpster Fire or a Fire Hydrant Hero when it comes to knowing about fire hydrants?  Take our short quiz to find out!

​Certified Blue

Congratulations to our newest Certified Blue Restaurants and Bars!  These businesses demonstrate efficient water use and provide conservation education to customers and staff.
Blue decal
bar photo tshirts